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Discover how real-time load, torque and condtion measurements from rotating assets can help to optimize rotating equipment reliability, availability and efficiency.

Our products

We developed the Smart Photonic Sleeve, a steel sleeve with optical sensors. Together with intelligent hardware and signal algorithms this gives a real-time load data feed.

This enables diagnostic and analytics of rotating equipment in demanding environments.


Our services

We support you with diagnostics and analytics based on our actionable data feed plus possible other sources and increase your understanding of your rotating equipment operation.

This will lead to reduced maintenance, increased efficiency & output.

Our technology

We deliver optical fiber sensing measurement solutions for precise, reliable, measurement of load, speed, temperature, vibrations and condition around the rotating shaft.

This enables sensing in all environments, simple integration, reliability and high sensor density.

Our Work

We support our customers  to determine how their rotating equipment is working in the field and enable data driven business models by looking into multiple data sources